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H L C Buildings
toll free: 866.422.1999
local: 419.264.2331
Holgate Lumber Co.
215 Lee Street
Holgate, Ohio 43527

Pole Barns custom construction HLC buildings


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    The closer you look... The better you like an HLC Building

    Custom engineered Roof Trusses... all trusses are designed, engineered and assembled to specific requirements of each individual job. Trusses conform to all state and local building codes | Tempered Ring Shank Framing Nails... strong screw-like holding power at all structural framing joints | 2x4 Roof Purlins... 24" on center - side lapped (not end butted) and set 'on edge' for added roof strength | Double Truss Supports... extra strength where it's needed to keep eave line straight and true for many years to come | Heavy Duty Cam-Operated Door Latch... secure locking for big sliding doors. Easy to operate | Sliding Door Track... adjustable, self-cleaning, self lubricating door track with lifetime guarantee. Weather protection track cover | Lift Proof Anchor Pad System... specially designed to protect against wind lift, and severe weather | Strong, Rigid Sidewalls... square-cut pressure treated load bearing columns with 2x6 (not 2x4) wall girts add more strength and rigidity to side and end walls | One 2x8 Pressure Treated Bottom Board... add to structural strength - and assure protection against rotting and insect damage | Clear Span Design... full usable height along sidewalls. No descending truss chords to restrict overhead clearance or limit storage space. Park large, tall equipment anywhere you want it.

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